How HYPOXI works?

The Perfect Solution to achieving your ideal body shape that meets the demands of both men and women. HYPOXI® is an all-natural and scientifically proven targeted fat and cellulite reduction systems people worldwide are opting for, why? It can naturally target stubborn areas like the waist, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs, through a gentle exercise program. Most importantly, it has been scientifically proven to offer 3 times more circumference loss than any regular exercise, offering significant results in a shorter time frame.

Begin your transformation today!

Exercise and a healthy nutrition are the first steps in the right direction to achieving our ideal body shapes, but somehow hours of strenuous conventional training doesn't necessarily allow us to target the areas we most love to get rid of.

How HYPOXI® works? - HYPOXI® was invented by Dr Norbert Egger, a well-established Austrian born sports scientist. He noticed that many people were struggling to reduce fat in stubborn body parts despite a strict diet and regular exercise. Hence, he put together a research team to find out why, after his conclusion, the revolutionary HYPOXI® was developed in 1998.

Fat burns more readily in areas of the body with better blood supply. In order to target fat loss we must increase blood circulation to those areas. HYPOXI® does exactly this – using vacuum and compression therapy. HYPOXI® is able to increase blood flow to the waist, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs whilst you moderately exercise on our HYPOXI® devices. Independent studies have shown it to be 3 times more effective in centimetre loss compared to regular training.

Body Shaping is the only game you WIN, when you lose!​